Dylan Scott - My Girl

Dylan Scott

She looks so pretty with no makeup on

U should hear her talkin to her momma on phone

I luv it when she raps to an Eminem song

That's my girl

Man her eyes drive me crazy

You should see her smile when she holds a baby

I can honestly say that she saved me

My girl, Yea


Yea that's my girl

In the passenger seat, windows down dancing around

Causin' a scene, that's my girl

Sippin' crown and sprite, in a ball cap turned back

Ooh she got me like,

Yea baby girl you gone and done it again

Makin all the guys wish you were with them

But I bet they don't see what I see when I see my girl

Every night before she goes to bed

She hits her knees and bows her head

Thank the lord for another day

I just thank him for my girl


My girl

Oh My girl

Yea that's my girl

My girl

That's my girl, my girl


My girl MMMmmm