Drake - Faithful

Drake Views From The 6

[Intro: Pimp C, Drake + Amber Rose]

Check, 1-2,1-2, bitch

You expensive, you know that?

I'm high maintenance a little bit but not in a, not in a negative way

I just like extremely expensive things

[Verse 1: Pimp C]

Foot off in their ass is what Ken told me

Niggas like to play games cause they feel like they know me

You don't know me, nigga, I done changed

So don't be trying to be putting on shit off in the game

This ain't no motherfucking '91

We out here rapping for money you niggas rapping for fun

I don't fuck with nobody in this shit but Bun

[Pre-Hook: Drake]

You would think it's all mine the way I took it

You would think it broke down the way I push it

You hate it when I coat things all in sugar

You want to hear the real talk, well, girl, who wouldn't?

[Hook: Drake]

Working, working, working, working, ain't ya?

You don't have no time to lay up

You just trying to be somebody

'Fore you say you need somebody

Get all your affairs in order

I won't have affairs, I'm yours, girl

Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful

[Verse 2: Drake]

You hit me like "I know you're there with someone else